Featuring Ensemble Galilei and NPR Correspondents Neal Conan and Anne Garrels

War is not an abstraction. And the wounds of war don't stop at the warrior. They reverberate through families and communities. 

Between War & Here is a powerful new collaboration between journalists and musicians, exploring honor, courage, loss, and hope. With music, poetry, and memoir, and featuring two of NPR's most storied war correspondents, this extraordinary work of art is as mesmerizing as it is timely. 

Neal Conan and Anne Garrels have covered wars and conflicts around the world. They have been in the middle of firefights,  they have seen war, lived it, and been changed by it. Ensemble Galilei members Sue Richards and Carolyn Surrick spent seven years of playing Fridays for wounded warriors and their families at The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. 

Between War & Here. This is who Ensemble Galilei is - five brilliant, masterful musicians with a keen ear for the ways that music can amplify, intensify, and reveal the human heart. Every moment of this project is real and true. And deeply personal.

All performances of BETWEEN WAR & HERE will benefit

Special Operations Warrior Foundation