Rarely is it possible to have some of the finest players of Scottish, Irish, and Early Music in the room at the same time. Ensemble Galilei offers a hands-on workshop demonstrating how they synthesize their diverse backgrounds into an utterly original, genre-bending, irresistible new sound.

Jackie Moran and Isaac Alderson have both won more awards, recorded more CDs, been in more movies, and toured the world more times than most musicians on the planet. They represent the Irish side of Ensemble Galilei. On the Scottish side we have the brilliant fiddler, Ryan McKasson and the legendary Celtic harper, Sue Richards. Ryan, a musical chameleon, is at home when he’s playing 18th century Scottish tunes, or flat-out screaming Irish Reels. Sue needs no introduction. She has done it all. She made her mark as a Scottish harper, but now lives and breathes the music of Sweden and Ireland, too. And if that wasn’t enough, Kathryn Montoya, one of the most sought-after early music wind players in the states will be hanging out too, with her early music viola da gamba counterpart, Carolyn Surrick.

Wherever you want to focus, Ensemble Galilei is there (except for 19th and 20th century classical music – that is not their scene.) Join us!

Video: Ensemble Galilei's Powerful Outreach

Carolyn Surrick on Ensemble Galilei's Powerful Outreach

Carolyn Surrick, of Ensemble Galilei, talks about their powerful community outreach since 1997. http://www.egmusic.com Choose HD for best video quality. It really makes a difference ;)

Posted by Christina Muir on Thursday, May 15, 2014