Solstice Concert with Neal Conan

Neal Conan’s birthday is November 26, perilously close to 
Thanksgiving. This year we’ll be celebrating without him, or so I 
thought. But a few weeks ago I realized that hidden away 
somewhere, was a circa 2013 recording of a performance from the 
legendary music venue, Freight and Salvage, where some of the 
most wonderful sound engineers on the planet do their magic. 

This isn’t a perfect performance. It was one night in Berkeley. But it 
was a good night. It was a funny night. It was a go-out-for-drinks- 
afterwards-and-sit-with-old-friends-and-tell-stories kind of night. When 
I listen to this recording and hear his voice, and his love for the 
words, and the meaning of the comma in the poem, I am reminded 
that while the world is a quieter, lonelier place without Neal, he left us 
with more than memories. He left real and tangible evidence of his 
joy, his humor, and his intelligence. So in our thankful and grateful 
place, we share this with you. 

You can listen and download for free. I hope you laugh. I hope you are 
reminded of the way that we can be transformed by our proximity to 
real and abundant life. But most of all, I hope this brings you joy. 

Carolyn Surrick 
November 26, 2021 

P.S. If you feel like making a donation, here’s the organization that 
our work with Neal has supported in the past. 
Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Isaac Alderson, Uillean pipes, flutes and whistles 
Ryan McKasson, fiddle 
Jackie Moran, bodhran 
Sue Richards, Celtic harp 
Carolyn Surrick, viola da gamba